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Top 10 Best Running Trails In Seattle, WA

Running has become very popular over the years, especially among those who want to get fit and stay healthy. The benefits of regular exercise include improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and increased energy levels.

Top 10 Best Running Trails In Seattle, WA

There are lots of great places to run in Seattle. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced runner, these trails will challenge you. They offer different terrain, from paved paths to wooded areas with plenty of shade.

This list is based on my personal experience as well as recommendations from other runners. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means, but here are the best trails to get you started!

Lake Washington Blvd Trail

Lake Washington Blvd Trail is one of the most scenic running trails in Seattle. It offers beautiful views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and Mount Rainier. You can also see the Space Needle if you look up at the right time.

The trail starts just north of the University District. From there it runs along Lake Washington Boulevard and through the University of Washington campus. There are many interesting sights along the way, including the UW Arboretum, the Burke Museum, and the Pacific Science Center.

The best part about Lake Washington Blvd Trail is that it’s flat and easy to navigate. Plus, there are several benches along the route where you can take breaks. This makes it perfect for beginners.

Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park is another favorite running trail in Seattle. Located near West Seattle, Alki Beach Park is a large park with a beach and boardwalk. It’s also home to the famous Alki Point Lighthouse.

Alki Beach Park is a great place to run because it offers both a paved path and a dirt trail. Both have their pros and cons. Paved paths are easier to navigate, but they don’t provide much of a workout.

On the other hand, dirt trails are more challenging, but they give you a real sense of accomplishment when you finish.

Seward Park

Seward Park is a small park located in North Capitol Hill. It’s surrounded by residential homes, making it a quiet neighborhood.

Seward Park is a great place for beginners to start out running. It’s mostly flat, so it won’t be too hard on your legs. However, it does require some climbing over rocks and roots. Still, it’s worth checking out if you’re new to running.

Green Lake

Green Lake is a beautiful lake located in the heart of downtown Seattle. It’s surrounded by parks and green spaces, making it a wonderful place to go for a jog.

Green Lake is a great place to train for a marathon. It’s long enough to make you tired, yet short enough to keep you motivated. Also, the scenery around the lake provides a nice change of pace.

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is a huge national forest covering almost 40% of King County. It’s home to numerous hiking trails, which makes it a popular destination for hikers.

Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest is a good place to go for a run because it has a variety of terrain. The first half of the trail is mostly downhill while the second half goes uphill. If you want a challenge, this is the trial for you.

Aurora Avenue Bridge

Aurora Ave Bridge is a major thoroughfare connecting Downtown Seattle to South Lake Union. It’s also a very busy road, meaning it sees a lot of traffic.

Running alongside Aurora Ave Bridge gives you a unique perspective of the city. Plus, it’s fairly flat, so it’s easy to get a decent workout in no matter what kind of runner you are.

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the country, offering plenty of space for animals to roam around.

Running in Woodland Park Zoo provides an excellent opportunity to see wild animals up close, as well as practice your zoo etiquette. Don’t feed them or pet them, and always stay on the marked paths.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a public park located in north Seattle. It’s just minutes away from Downtown Seattle and serves as a great training ground for runners looking to tackle the Seattle Marathon.

Discovery Park is a great place not only because of its proximity to Downtown Seattle but also because of the many hills. There are even a few loops that lead off into the woods, allowing you to test yourself against different terrains.

Lake Washington Ship Canal Trail

The Lake Washington Ship Canal Trail is a scenic 1.2-mile trail along the shoreline of Lake Washington. This trail runs through several neighborhoods in Seattle including Madrona, Madison Park, and Magnolia before ending at Seacrest Park in West Seattle.

The Lake Washington Ship Canal Trail offers something for everyone; there are multiple paved pathways for those who like to exercise on pavement, sidewalks for those who prefer to run on cement, and the canal itself for those who enjoy some water resistance.

Lake City Way Trail

Lake City Way Trail is a 2.5-mile path winding through the University District of Seattle. It connects Lake City Way with Martin Luther King Jr. Way NE.

This trail is perfect if you’re trying to work out without having to drive too far. You can start running here, then walk over to the Burke Gilman Trail for more distance.

Can I Fix My Form?

Are you wondering if there is a way you can improve your form? Well let’s look at how to fix running form now. 

Running form is vital when jogging as it can have a huge impact on your posture and rate of recovery. When running, you should focus on maintaining a good posture and looking straight ahead as much as possible.

Try to keep your chest broad and lifted, while your shoulders should be relaxed and drawn downwards. Be sure to keep your hands nice and loose with a natural swinging motion.

Can I Run In The Rain?

The Windy City is notorious for its heavy rainfall, but don’t let this stop you. Jogging in the rain is generally perfectly safe as you avoid running through lightning, thunderstorms, or really torrential downpours.

Wear moisture-wicking apparel, a reflector vest, and make sure your running shoes have enough traction to make adverse weather workouts more comfortable and secure.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of other places to run in Seattle, but these ten spots have everything you need to get started. These places offer beautiful views, interesting landscapes, and challenging terrains. Now you can hit the streets of Seattle and feel the wind in your hair!

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