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What Does Pace Mean In Running?

What Does Pace Mean In Running?

In the big wide world of running, you will find that a lot of terminologies are thrown around.

You might not know where to start with getting to grips with learning all about the running world. 

The pace is something that is integral to running.

What Does Pace Mean In Running?

This is one of the basic elements that can tend to be glossed over or ignored completely, but this is where we come in.

We are here to outline the importance of pace in running, and how it is meant to help you become a better runner.

Why Should You Use Pace To Measure Your Speed If You Run?

Running is a form of exercise that has been around for years – and it is something that you can just do.

You do not need any specialized equipment, all you need is a great pair of trainers, and then you’ll be on your way.

If you want to know how fast you are running then you should use pace as a means of measuring your speed.

In the old days, using a stopwatch was the way forward when it came to seeing how fast you could run – along with a pre-measured track for distance.

A common practice would have been to start a stopwatch and then run however many laps, and then you can hit stop and see your time.

This is actually a key reason as to why miles per hour isn’t a measure that is being used. The exception to this rule is treadmills.

If you are especially new to running then you might need some time to get completely familiar with how the pace is used when you are running. However, the pace will actually give you a lot of advantages when it comes to running.

What Does Pace Mean In Running?

What Benefits Does Pace Have?

You will find that pace will give you an immediate sense of how long it will take for you to cover the distances of your runs.

Additionally, popular races such as a 5k are completed in under an hour and this is something that makes using pace much more beneficial.

Also, pace numbers will seem much more satisfactory to you, and it will feel like a much bigger achievement as opposed to how many miles per hour you are running. The thing with running is that every second counts.

So, this is the difference between coming in in first place or second place. 

Let’s Talk About Splits In Running

So, a split in running is the amount of time that it takes for you to run a particular distance, for instance, a mile or a kilometer. For example, if you are running a 5k race then you will find that this kind of race has three separate mile splits – or five separate kilometers splits. 

If you use a smartwatch then you can hit the start button and then do your running, and then at the end, you will be able to check your split times at each mile or at each kilometer. If your pace is on target to achieve your goal time then this is something that will motivate you to push harder and to keep ongoing.

If you are running a race that is longer than 5k then you need to watch your pace. For instance, if you start running too quickly then you will tire and also slow down for the end of the race and this will have an effect on your pace in general. 

A lot of runners will actually aim to get a negative split, so this means that they will be running the second half of the race a lot faster than they have run the first half of their race.    

What Is A Tempo Run?

So, a tempo run is a kind of speed workout and this sort of workout does actually fall in the same category as fartlek and also interval workouts. However, all of these workouts serve different purposes. 

To keep it as basic as possible, the tempo run is a sustained effort run. So, this run builds up your body’s ability just to be able to run faster for extended periods of time.

You can try tempo running whether you are training for a marathon, or whether you are training for a 5k run.

When it comes to a tempo run you need to be able to find a pace that you can maintain for a minimum of 20 minutes, and this is something that you should gradually build up to an hour.

When it comes to tempo running you will want to be fast, but you do not want to sprint. You are wanting to run at a pace that feels like you’re putting work in – but this is not your maximum effort.

A tempo run is something that you should feel is challenging, but relatively comfortable to run.

This is not something that you should be wanting to do for hours on end, but you should not find that you are gasping for breath after a few minutes.

What Does Pace Mean In Running?

In Conclusion

The pace is a key part of running, and this is something that has an impact on how your run goes.

You should always aim to pace yourself on your run, and this means running at a pace that you are comfortable with and that will allow you to keep on going with your run.

If you run too fast then you will ultimately burn out before your run has even begun – and it will be so much harder for you to motivate yourself to keep ongoing. 

It is important that you use pace as a motivational factor when it comes to running, this should not be something that you use as a means to put yourself down or as a means to hinder your progress.

The whole point of monitoring your pace is so that you can track your own progress, and this is something that should really motivate you!

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