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How To Keep Running When You Want To Stop

How To Keep Running When You Want To Stop

We have all been there when it comes to running… It is so hard to keep going when all you want to do is stop.

That’s right, your head is telling you that it is time to stop, but your body could still carry on. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are running in a race, whether you are doing a longer run than usual, or whether you are trying to power through a tough speed workout.

How To Keep Running When You Want To Stop

It is pretty normal to feel like you are struggling to carry on running. 

So, is there any way that you can get around this?

What should you do if you are wanting to stop, but your body can keep on going?

Well, it is important to note that if an injury is hindering you then you should definitely consider stopping. 

You do not want to worsen this injury by forcing yourself to keep running.

However, if you are just wanting to give in then there are some effective ways that you can deal with the battle that you have going on in your head.

Read on to find out our best tips on how to push through that mental barrier.

What Is Cadence In Running?

This is the number of steps per minute that you take as you are running.

This metric is connected to speed, and it is especially important to note that having a higher cadence does not necessarily mean that you will end up becoming a better runner.

Running speed is something that is influenced by both cadences and also by stride length.

You Should Use A Mantra To Motivate Yourself

Here’s the thing, this might sound pretty logical – but if you are thinking negative thoughts then naturally you will want to stop.

These thoughts will demotivate you and will be what pushes you to stop running rather than push on. 

It is true that you need to remind yourself to stay as positive as you can.

You can say positive phrases in your head such as “I can do this”, and you will eventually start to believe this above the negative thoughts. 

You Should Track Your Progress To Motivate Yourself

It does not matter whether you are someone who follows a strict training calendar – or whether you are someone who keeps a record of your running progress via an app or via a notebook.

Doing this is a great way to encourage you to keep up with running and to keep track of your progress. 

When you are regularly logging your progress this will be a huge motivating factor for you, and being able to tick off different goals on your workout plan will inspire you to push forward and keep going.

Appreciate Your Surroundings To Motivate Yourself

Here’s the thing, a great distraction tactic that you can adopt is to try to take in what is going on around you. You can take in the scenery, or the buildings that you are passing. 

That’s right.

It does not matter if you get distracted by a skyscraper or a mailbox, whatever can hold your interest for a couple of seconds as you are running will actually distract you from the fact that you are running.

If you are a creature of habit, and you tend to run the same route all the time then you should definitely try to switch up your route.

The whole point of doing this is so that you can pass new scenery and this is what will keep your interest up, and this is what will motivate you to keep running.

How To Keep Running When You Want To Stop

The Art Of Focusing On A Target

Here’s the thing, this is an especially simple but effective tactic that you can employ in order to motivate yourself to keep running.

This is a fun mind game that you can play whilst you are on a run, all you have to do is to pick a target in the distance.

This target could literally be anything, it could just be a street sign, or it could just be a mailbox.

All you have to do is focus on getting to that point before you then move on to another target. This is a key part of the target game.

You can’t just set one target and then be done with the game, you have to keep setting these targets to make sure that you can keep up with your overall running distance.

This is a great distraction technique because before you even realize you will have finished your run, you will have been so focused on your target that you would not have wanted to give up on your run.

Do Not Forget About Those Extra Calories

Before a run, you should not neglect to consume some calories while you are running.

If you find yourself in the middle of the long run and feel like you are struggling, then you will more than likely need to have something to eat or have something to drink.

Here’s the thing, your brain will need carbohydrates in order to be able to function properly. Your muscles are the same.

So, if you find that your brain is telling you to stop running then you might be in need of more fuel.

You will need to take in some carbohydrates, or even a sport’s drink – energy gel and even candies will also do the same thing.

You just need to consume something which will give you that burst of energy, and that will motivate you to keep going on that run.

You Really Need To Check Yourself

So, by saying you really need to check yourself, what we mean is that you are really going to have to check your form.

Keeping in the present will really help you to keep your mind focused, and then you can really get past those negative thoughts.

A way that you can be mindful of your running is by checking your form, and the best way to do this is by starting from the top and working your way down. You need to start with your head and then work your way down.

So, starting with your head would entail making sure that you are looking ahead and not down at the ground.

How To Keep Running When You Want To Stop

In Conclusion

Here’s the thing, running is excellent for you but that does not mean that it is everyone’s favorite activity. Running can be really hard, and you might not always be feeling it.

However, you can try out our handy tips and tricks to make sure that you are as motivated as possible on your run.

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