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Best Trail Running Trails In Laguna Beach

Best Trail Running Trails In Laguna Beach

Trail running has become very popular over the last decade. The benefits include improved cardiovascular health, increased strength, and reduced stress levels.

There are several reasons why trail running is becoming so popular. For starters, it offers a unique experience where you get to see beautiful scenery, enjoy fresh air, and connect with nature.

Best Trail Running Trails In Laguna Beach

Trail running is a great way to stay fit and improve your overall fitness level. Whether you want to go for a casual jog or a full marathon, trail running is a great option. Here are some of the best trails in Laguna Beach that you should check out.

Laguna Canyon Park 

This park is located at the north end of Laguna Beach. It’s about 1 mile from the beach and has many different types of terrain. You can choose between paved paths, dirt paths, and wooden boardwalks.

One of the most popular trails here is the “Zig Zag” which is a 5-mile loop that takes you through the woods and past ponds. Another great trail here is the “Canyon Creek Loop.” This 2-mile trail connects with the Zig-Zag trail and goes along the creek.

Laguna Hills Golf Course 

Located just south of downtown Laguna Beach, this golf course was built in the 1930s. It also features an 18-hole putting green, driving range, tennis courts, and picnic areas.

The main trail here is called the “Mountain View Trail.” This 3-mile trail is perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at trail running. It starts near the clubhouse and winds its way up the mountain.

Laguna Woods Reserve

This reserve is located on the east side of town. It consists of more than 100 acres of open space. Some of the trails here are fairly easy while others require a bit of effort.

The “Laguna Woods Nature Trail” is one of the easier trails here. It’s only 0.5 miles long and makes a complete circuit around the property.

Old Rancho Santa Margarita State Historic Park 

This park is home to the oldest standing residence in Orange County. Built in 1875, the house is now part of a state historic park. A few of the trails here have been converted into multi-use paths but there are still plenty of single-track trails to explore.

The “Old Ranch House Trail” is a good choice if you’re looking for something short and sweet. It’s less than half a mile long and circles the entire park.

San Joaquin Hills Regional Park

This park sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Irvine. It’s home to two lakes, hiking trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic tables.

The main trail here goes by the name of the “San Joaquin Hills Bike Path.” It’s a 6.5-mile path that follows the bike path all the way down to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Trabuco Pines Recreation Area 

This recreation area is located in northern Orange County. It’s home to the largest stand of pines in North America. Many people visit here because they like to watch wildlife such as deer and coyotes.

The “Trabuco Canyon Open Space Preserve” is one of the easiest trails here. It’s less than a mile long and runs alongside a canyon filled with native plants and trees.

Torrey Pines Gliderport 

If you love gliding, then Torrey Pines Gliderport might be the place for you! This glider port is where pilots come to practice flying and learn new techniques. There’s no better view than when you fly over the ocean or see it below you.

Torrance Arboretum & Botanic Garden

This arboretum is home to more than 10,000 species of plants spread out over 300 acres. More than 70% of the collection is made up of drought-tolerant plants so it’s suitable for hikers and those who live in semi-arid climates. Torrance Arboretum is known for its rose garden and Japanese gardens.

Tustin Lake Park

This lake is a great spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. There are lifeguards on duty during the summer months and visitors can bring their own boats onto the water.

You can rent paddle boats from May through September. In addition to being able to swim year round, Tustin Lake Park offers biking, jogging, rollerblading and skateboarding.

Venice Canals

Venice Canals is a man made canal system in southern California. It was constructed in the 1920s and has since become a popular tourist destination.

Pedal boats float along the water and restaurants line the route making this a very scenic place to walk, jog, ride bikes, rollerblade, or skateboard.

Will I Get Abs From Running?

Another frequent question we get is does running give you abs? While most runners do not run exclusively to tone their bodies or acquire abs, it can be a wonderful side effect of the activity.

Running is largely a cardiac activity, but it also strengthens and tones several muscles of the body, notably your abs.

How Long Should I Run For?

Running 5 to 10 minutes a day at a reasonable pace can significantly minimize your risk of dying from heart attacks, strokes, as well as other serious illnesses, according to research.

However, the same study found that these advantages peak at 4.5 hours per week, implying that there is no need to run for hours every day.

How Does Trail Running Change Your Body?

Running alters your body by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Expect to reduce fat on the tops of your legs, create iron abdominal muscles, and a rump to die for.

Running puts a lot of strain on your gluteal muscles. That means you can have an impressive butt without needing to go to the gym.

Final Thoughts

Rail running is a sport that allows you to run on trails with your friends, family, dogs, and even horses. Laguna Beach is an ideal place to go trail running as you can choose from busy beachfront to quiet and tranquil nature reserves.

Whatever your running style, you’re sure to find a trail you love in Laguna Beach in our list above!

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