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What Do Compression Shirts Do?

Let’s face it: Life can be hectic. That’s why, when you do manage to spare some time in your busy schedule to enjoy some workout time, it’s important to make sure that you’re maximizing your exercise and making the very most out of it.

So, with that being said, apart from making sure that you’re wearing the perfect pair of fitness sneakers and you’re making sure to follow a great workout plan, another way that you can take your performance to the next level is by wearing compression clothing.

Believe it or not, compression shirts offer the wearer a variety of different benefits, and in this article, we’re going to be talking you through all of them so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to add one to your gym wardrobe. Let’s jump in!

What Do Compression Shirts Do?

Before we talk you through some of the benefits of wearing compression shirts, we first think that it’s a good idea to talk you through what they actually do!

Designed to act in the same way that a relaxing massage would, compression shirts are specifically designed in order to place a low amount of pressure on the muscles underneath.

When this pressure occurs, it means that DOMS (which are otherwise referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) have a far less likely chance of developing, as well as raising overall body temperature which can aid in healing and recovery, while also increasing blood flow.

To follow, compression shirts are typically made from spandex or nylon-esque materials, which not only is able to help give them a stretchy yet snug fit, but also able to help ensure that you’re able to maximise your performance while working out. 

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Them?

They Can Provide Support

By far, one of the biggest benefits of wearing a compression shirt is that they will be able to offer you far greater support than other types of athletic wear.

Due to their tighter fit, compression shirts will be able to ensure that your arms, chest, back, and abdomen are supported to help ensure you maximize your performance, while also taking the brunt of some of the strain – no matter how intense the workout might be!

Plus, thanks to their tighter fit, compression shirts are also able to help increase overall blood flow, which is not only great for your body’s overall functioning but will also mean that the recovery process will be sped up if you experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

They Offer Better Breathability

To continue, besides offering your upper body all of the support it needs to perform to the best of its ability, another major benefit of opting to wear a compression shirt is the fact that they are typically designed with sweat-wicking material, which will help to guarantee that you stay nice and cool.

Not just that, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a far more enjoyable workout experience because as soon as you begin to sweat, the compression shirt you’re wearing will be able to “pull” the sweat away from your skin to ensure optimum comfortability. Impressive or what?

They Can Improve Performance

Another major benefit that can come from wearing a compression shirt is that they have been shown to improve performance! Due to their design, compression shirts can have the ability to help maximize strength and have even been showing to increase overall punching power in boxers.

Not only that but compression shirts, in general, have been shown to possess these awesome, performance-enhancing properties, with compression shorts being shown to help increase the wearer’s ability to jump.

They Prevent Muscle Strain

As we have already touched upon above, seeing as compression shirts are specifically made to apply a gentle amount of pressure to the muscles, it only makes sense that they are, in turn, able to prevent aches and strains caused by overexertion.

In addition to helping to prevent general aches caused by muscle strain, compression shirts are also able to reduce the chances of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from developing, which can be extremely painful.

In addition to all of that, if you do happen to experience muscle soreness, then compression shirts can help to speed up the healing process thanks to their ability to raise body temperature and increase your blood flow.

They Can Reduce Pain

Besides being able to reduce muscle strains and helps to prevent the onset of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, another huge benefit to wearing compression shirts is their ability to help prevent other kinds of injury.

Thanks to their innovative and snug design, compression shirts will help to reduce the chances of you developing any blisters, as well as from experiencing painful chafing. 

They Can Be Used For Layering

Many athletes will wear compression clothing under other athletic clothing when trying to keep warm – or simply look trendy!

Due to the fact that compression garments are specifically designed to help increase overall body temperature, which means that they’re a great option for wearing as a layer of thermal insulation under regular sportswear.

As a side note, it should also be noted that, due to the fact that compression garments are so comfortable and snug, they can be worn without fear of chafing or rolling up under any other garments you wear over the top.

Plus, if you do happen to find yourself sweating at any point, the stretchy, sweat-wicking material of the compression shirt you’re wearing will be able to keep your skin nice and dry.

They Improve Posture

Last but certainly not least, another huge benefit of wearing compression shirts is that they are able to help improve overall posture.

Besides being vital to your health, a good posture can help to improve your overall performance while working out – regardless of whether you’re planning to challenge yourself on the treadmill or hit a new personal best out on the tennis court.