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Madaboutrun recently acquired this domain, meaning that it now links here, where you can find all the running content you need, by people who would eat, breathe, and sleep running… if it were physically possible!

We are a growing website and brand dedicated to running, and are working hard to expand by adding tons of awesome running content; from reviews on the best running shoes and equipment,  to tips on how to improve your timings, to common questions people have about running and its impact on their lifestyle.

We are all passionate about running here, and we’ve got a lot of plans for amazing content to keep you well informed about the latest in running.

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to our website and content, and we’d like to introduce you to one of our most recent running fascinations while you’re here. 

While is focused on all aspects of running, there is one style of running in particular that we’re hoping to shed additional light on in the coming months. That style of running is trail running!

For those who don’t know, trail running is one of the most challenging and rewarding subtypes of running, and although it is similar to running in many ways, it incorporates many additional and interesting aspects that make it a unique experience.

There is some debate amongst the trail running community about what constitutes true trail running. Some of the more hardcore traditionalists believe that trail running is only truly trail running when the trails being used are remote and hard to access, making the experience both more grueling and challenging than normal running, but also riskier and more exploratory.

However there are others who are more relaxed in their assessment of what constitutes trail running, and these people believe that any running route which uses an off-road trail counts as trail running, so long as the majority of the route is unpaved.

While these types of debates are common in almost every sport, the definition of what is or isn’t trail running doesn’t need to be so complex or contentious. 

Trail running is essentially running that takes place on unpaved and often remote trails, and the challenges that this presents make trail running a unique form of exercise that incorporates elements of several different sports, from hiking to running, to orienteering and even cross country. 

Very often, trail running occurs on rough and difficult terrain, meaning that running a 5km trail running route could take twice as long as 5km on a standard paved running route.

Trail running also requires specialist equipment, from specially designed shoes with a more aggressive tread and support, to vests and bags that allow for storage of essentials from drinks to emergency equipment such as first aid gear. Some trail runners even bring hiking poles when tackling particularly difficult terrain!

In many ways, trail running is a discipline that crosses many boundaries and this is one of the reasons why this form of exercise has exploded in popularity, as it appeals to a broad range of people.

Some who take up trail running want to get an amazing workout and improve their fitness, however, there are others who want to explore, or who enjoy training outdoors instead of inside a cramped gym. Acquires

This has made trail running popular with a wide range of people, and although it has a reputation as a very demanding and challenging sport, the beauty of it is that it’s easy to build confidence and start small, choosing routes that are easier and gradually increasing the difficulty until you become a seasoned trail runner capable of tackling hills and trails that most hikers would find impassable!

There are many benefits to trail running, from the sense of achievement that comes with any form of demanding physical activity, to the majesty and beauty of running routes that take you to some of the most beautiful places in your local area, or even the world.

This is the key difference that sets trail running apart from other disciplines in our opinion. The nature in which trail running takes place is often awe-inspiring, and while running is often breathtaking, trail running, in particular, achieves this not only through chasing personal bests but by the stunning scenery and exploration you get to take in while you do so!

Trail running can also be a very social activity, and while many people like to run in groups for motivation and social interaction, trail running in particular benefits from this as it makes running in remote areas much safer and easier.

Grouping up also allows you to share out the equipment load and learn routes if you’re not very familiar with a certain area.

There are many unique challenges that even experienced runners will face while trail running. The terrain is often surprising and can take you off guard, and often requires a totally different technique to running paved surfaces.

The difficulty of the terrain can put immense strain on your joints and muscles, and this is what makes trail running such an immense workout. This does, however, mean that it carries some additional risks of injury should you lose concentration or choose a poor route.

The rewards far outweigh the risks though, and for many people who are tired of mundane running routes, or hate trying to stay entertained while using a treadmill, trail running can offer a totally new avenue of joy and experience that can rekindle their enthusiasm for the sport and get you excited to put on your running shoes again.

There are many more things to learn about trail running, however, and we’re going to be taking a deeper dive into the sport as well as some of the best equipment and applications you can use as well as guides on how to choose a good route and other important skills to get the most out of trail running, to stay tuned and check back with us often!