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How to Run With Your Phone

There’s no escaping the fact that we’ve become very reliant on our phones, and can barely escape them even for exercise or sleep!

While this may seem ridiculous, there are plenty of good reasons for bringing your phone with you while you run. Many people who run will use various sports tracking and fitness apps to monitor their various progress and other key metrics, from distance to speed and elevation, all of which can play a huge role in your fitness plans.

A lot of people also enjoy or in many cases, require some form of music while they exercise and a phone is often the main way we listen to music today, so having somewhere secure to keep your phone is important for keeping the motivation flowing.

Another key reason people may take their phone running is as an emergency backup should something go wrong, whether it be a colleague trying to reach you or some other emergency scenario, the convenience and security a phone provides is second to none and arguably the most important justification for bringing your phone on your run.

There are a ton of valid reasons for bringing your phone, so it stands to reason there should be a ton of ways to carry your phone without any risk of damaging or losing it.

Thankfully this is the case and in this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to carry your phone while you’re running, and highlighting the pros and cons of each solution to help you choose a style that suits your needs.

Carry it in your hand!

The most obvious way to carry your phone while you run is to simply hold it in your hand, and this is quite often a fine choice providing you aren’t bothered by constantly gripping while you run.

This is also one of the cheapest ways to carry your phone while you run, however, there are ways to make this even more convenient and secure than simply carrying your phone in your bare hand.

After all, doing so can result in you dropping and potentially losing or breaking your phone, and exposing it to wet weather.

If you’re ok with carrying your phone by hand we strongly recommend some form of grip or carrying device, even if it’s a simply carrying ring or Popsocket. The best solution however is a grippy and secure hand strap that is specifically designed to keep your phone secure and make for easy holding while you run.

The benefits of carrying your phone this way are that your phone is readily available, quite secure. The downsides are that your phone is exposed to the elements.

Use a running armband

A  running armband is a very common solution to this issue and is a super convenient way to carry your phone while you run without actually having to constantly grip it.

This is a versatile solution to this problem and has many benefits such as keeping your phone readily available, keeping it secure, protecting it somewhat from the environment, and not forcing you to grip constantly while you run.

This makes it an excellent choice, however, there are some downsides, such as finding the armband somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to secure.

Use a Shorts Pocket

One of the other common solutions to this issue is to simply wear running shorts with pockets you can leave your phone or keys in.

This is a very simple solution and is arguably one of the most secure places for your phone to be to prevent it from being dropped or lost, particularly if you are using a zip pocket.

However, there are downsides. The first is that your phone is less readily available and harder to get to should you want to use it or change to the next song. The other issue is that your phone is more likely to move around in a loose pocket, and this can cause it to bang repetitively against your leg as you run which can be annoying and potentially damaging to the phone.

Use a Bottle Bag or Vest

Many runners will bring a drink with them over long distances, and a popular way to carry drinks is in a bottle vest or bottle holder. These are very convenient options and are designed with runners in mind, often including some sort of secure pocket to store your phone or keys while you run.

The benefit of this is that your phone will be secure, but the downside is that your phone may get drenched in water should your bottle spill!

Use a Running Belt

A running belt or hip belt is a very nondescript piece of equipment that goes around the waist of a runner and allows for discrete storage of various items. They are comfortable and secure and can make an excellent place to store your phone, preventing it from moving around much or falling to the floor accidentally.

There are few downsides to this option, the main one being not everyone likes the feeling of wearing these, however, it could be worth it for the convenience they provide.

Use Your Sports Bra

If you wear a sports bra, you’ll be keenly aware of how tight and secure they are. Thankfully however they can be used to secure more than your bosom, and often come with a discrete pocket for storing valuables such as phones.

They are again very comfortable and secure, but they may not be suitable for all runners of course.

Tuck it wherever you can!

If you’re in a pinch and aren’t sure what to do with your phone, you can sometimes get away with tucking it away in relatively secure places such as the waistband of your running shorts and underwear!

This is more of an emergency backup than a proper solution to this problem, but it can work if your other solutions fail somehow.

Be warned, however, phones are liable to get awfully sweaty when carried this way and the moisture may damage your device. It also isn’t the most secure, but if you have no other option it can sometimes work out fine to get you back home!

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