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How To Carry Water While Running

How To Carry Water While Running

Running in the warmer months can feel like you are preparing for a pretty big day out with all of the extra equipment that you will find yourself carrying with you. Between your cap, your sunblock, and also your water bottle – you will be contemplating taking a small suitcase with you on your summer run just for your water bottle alone!

Yeah… unless you know where every single drinking fountain in your local area is then you will need to be prepared on your runs and you will need to carry around a water bottle for sure. So, read on to find out how you can carry around your water while you are out running.

Let’s Talk Hand-Held Running Bottles

So, the most obvious water bottle holding to go for is the hand-held running water bottle as this is especially perfect for short to medium runs. The hand-held water bottle will really help you in terms of convenience and ease.

You will not have to worry about taking any kind of pack or belt with you, in fact, you will be able to completely enjoy the freedom of running and you will not be restricted by some kind of carrier which is strapped to your hips or your shoulders.

You will also find that water bottles are the most effective way to carry around water when you are on your run. Sure, you could just hold a water bottle in your hand but you will undoubtedly find that your palms get pretty sweaty, and this will make dropping your water bottle much more frequent.

By using a specific hand-held water bottle you will be able to completely relax your hand knowing that your water bottle is not going anywhere.

It is also important to note that you can purchase a water bottle size that will suit you the best, and if you are planning on going on a particularly long run then you will be able to carry a water bottle in each hand too!

These kinds of water bottles are designed so that you can just point the bottle near your mouth and then you can squeeze the bottle and the water will come out. Additionally, some hand-held water bottles will have a pocket which is large enough so that you can carry a smartphone too, or at the very least your keys.

How To Carry Water While Running

Let’s Talk Hand-Held Soft Flasks

So, hand-held soft flasks are just variations on water bottles. The difference here is that the bottle itself is actually made of pretty flexible material. This is important to note because this is what makes your hand-held soft flask much more comfortable to hold.

Not only that, but you will find that your hand-held soft flask is really easy to store in your pocket or even a backpack when it is empty – and this kind of flask helps to eliminate the annoying sloshing sound that comes with a half-empty hard bottle.

It is important to note that hand-held soft flasks tend to be less effectively insulated, so this means that your water will become lukewarm gradually as opposed to staying ice cold. However, it is true that this can tend to happen with a whole lot of insulated bottles anyway.

Let’s Talk Hydration Waist Packs

The hydration waist pack is a firm essential amongst runners, especially long-distance runners and this is an accessory that is still pretty popular.

Sure, there are a whole host of designs on the market but you should find that there are a lot of single bottle ones, or you will be able to invest in a waist pack that has two side holsters that are for smaller flask-shaped bottles.

You will find that using a waist pack is a pretty great way to carry water when you are out on your run and this is due to the fact that your hands will be free. You will find that a waist pack will not give you that typical restricted feeling that tends to be associated with hands-free kind of equipment.

You should also find that waist packs will come with other pockets which are perfect for carrying your phone, and you might also be able to carry more snacks with you to keep you going.

One drawback that you might find to be particularly annoying is that waist packs will tend to bounce as you run. A lot of people do swear by these waist packs, but if you are someone who is especially particular about this kind of thing then the waist pack might not be the right piece of running equipment for you.

This can also depend on your form – if you tend to bounce when you run then you might find that this is especially important to bear in mind.

Let’s Talk Keeping Hydrated On Your Run

You might be wondering when exactly you need to take water with you on a run, so here we will outline our best tips on how you can stay hydrated while you are out on a run. So, unless it is really hot out you should find that you will not need water if your run is 30-45 minutes long.

If you are planning on running a distance that is much longer than this then you will need to consider bringing at the very least a small bottle of water with you. The truth is, this can be left to your own judgment – but if you are in a really hot climate then you will be wanting to bring along some water too.

It is also important to consider how much water you should be drinking while you are out running. It is important to note that this really does depend on your own body and it also depends on how much you sweat.

The kind of weather that you are running in also has an impact on how much water you will be needing to drink. Here’s the thing, it can be really easy for you to over-complicate this but the easiest way that we can break this down is to encourage you to drink when you are pretty thirsty.

If it is hot then you will find that you want to drink a lot of water in comparison to the days where the weather is pretty mild.

In Conclusion

Overall, you will find that there are a whole lot of ways that you can carry your water bottle while you are running. It all depends on your personal preference in the way that you are wanting to carry your water bottle.

Whether you decide to use a pack or a belt or whether you prefer to hold your water bottle in your hand, you will find a way that works for you. 

Does running build muscle? Absolutely – carrying around bottles of water can definitely help with this… 

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