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What Is Tailwind?

If you are looking to improve your running time, sometimes additional training just does not cut it. Food is the ultimate fuel source for the body and we would certainly recommend that you put in the right fuel for the right level of output. This is where a product like Tailspin comes in.

This stuff is designed to be used to give you that ultra boost on the day of the race. As a big meal before the race will be off the table, this is the next best thing, giving you all the nutrients, enzymes and minerals that you’ll need to keep you on your feet for longer.

Tailwind is designed to give you the best in running energy and health, making you last much longer when you are on the track, allowing you to improve your best time.

This powder has been designed by the experts and comes in a wide range of flavors that makes it the perfect tasty pick-me-up before a marathon or long-distance run.

But how much more energy will your Tailspin powder give you? What range of flavors does this powder come in? How much will you have to pay for a sachet? How exactly does it help you with your running? How much of a boost can you expect during a long-distance run like a marathon?

Well, if you are skeptical about Tailspin powder, then we would suggest that you read on. We have a comprehensive breakdown of this powder, what goes into it, as well as how it would affect your body.

We’ll see whether or not this stuff really does make a difference when it comes to your running speed and distance.

What Is Tailwind?

This powder was developed by two expert runners and nutritionists who had enough of swallowing running powder that did not help them go the distance. They wanted something tasty that would mix well with water and boost their sodium and magnesium levels to the point where they could run a lot faster.

Increasing your salt and electrolyte levels will be very important when you are running, as you will lose a lot more of this through sweating and urination. It is important to keep your body energized and to boost your endurance when you are on the running track.

This is a very important drink to activate the transportation of fructose and glucose in the body. It will help your body produce growth hormones too, which are an important part of exercise as well as weight loss.

How Much Nutrition Is In Tailwind?

Now let’s down to the brass tacks when it comes to nutrition. Here is a quick nutritional profile of Tailwind:

  • Sodium – 0.9 grams
  • Potassium – 0.2 grams
  • Calcium – 0.015 grams
  • Magnesium – 0.0013 grams

The sodium and magnesium are the most important elements in this drink, as they really activate the transportation of certain glucose levels in your body. Some people use salt pills to do the same job, although a lot of runners have said that Tailwind makes this process happen a lot quicker.

What Is The Mineral Content Of Tailwind?

The sodium levels really help with fluid retention in your body, which is very important when you are sweating a lot. The potassium levels will help to reduce the tiredness that you will feel in your muscles. It will also stimulate the nerve endings and make your body far more responsive.

The calcium will help you to keep a solid bone structure, retaining the structural integrity of the two. This will also help for your body to synthesize the nutrients that it will be ingesting. The magnesium will help the body to ingest the calcium.

There is also sodium nitrate in this formula, which will help to lower the amount of cramping that occurs in the muscles.

There aren’t many macros in this formula, although there will be very simple carbs that you’ll be able to ingest very easily and quickly. This will help you to maintain an optimum level of glucose and fructose, both of which are very important when it comes to endurance exercise.

This does not contain any protein, meaning that there won’t be that much stress on your stomach, which you can often struggle with to digest large levels of protein. You should only have protein to repair and grow the muscles, not for the utilization of muscles during exercise.

However, you can get larger sachets of Tailwind recovery, which has the added protein, which you can take after you have exercised. We would recommend taking this about an hour after you have worked out.

What Flavors Does It Come In?

Thankfully, this powder comes in a range of amazing flavors which will be much easier to drink than the usual dry and flavorless endurance powders that you can pick up on the market. Here are the entire range of flavors that you can get:

  • Berry – this tastes a lot like cordials that you can buy at the supermarket.
  • Mandarin Orange – this is something that packs a real punch when you drink it. It won’t be too bitter or acidic, if it is, then you should just add some more water.
  • Naked unflavored – This has a mild sweet taste but not much else. You can add some fresh fruit to this for extra flavor.
  • Caffeinated Rasberry – This one also has plenty of flavor and will give you that extra boost of caffeinated energy.
  • Caffeinated Green Tea – This has sweeter hints with that classic mellow green tea flavor.

Our Final Say

If you are looking to increase your running time, then we would certainly recommend that you pick up some Tailwind, as it will really help to push you for that extra mile. This is very important if you are running long-distance or looking to complete a marathon.

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